Grab 'n Go guides

Our volunteers have gathered this growing toolbox of practical guides to help make it easier for other grassroots volunteers. Feel free to download and share and distribute these guides with your groups and campaigns. 

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Friend bank infographic

Hosting a Friend Bank

The most effective outreach is to your own network.

Text bank infographic

Hosting a Text Bank

Reach a lot of voters fast!

Phone bank infographic

Hosting a Phone Bank

Calling voters is hard but it works, big time.

Voter registration infographic

Hosting a Voter Registration

Engage new voters with a voter registration event.

Active Listening graphic

Active Listening Guide

The best way to connect and be heard is first to actively listen.

Vote tripling graphic.

Triple Your Vote

Thank you for voting. Now go and triple your vote by getting three more people to vote.

Unlock Your Political Power

Unlock Your Political Power

Relational organizing basics workbook.

Say This, Not That- Effective Messaging

Effective Messaging

Say This, Not That- Effective messaging workbook

Pop the Disinformation Bubble- Handbook

Pop the Disinformation Bubble

Media literacy and countering disinformation with empathy.

Civics for Everyone workbook

Civics for Everyone

Civics basics to better understand politics.

Civics for Change Workbook

Civics for Change

Learn the civics to organize effectively for change.

Facebook Activist to Change Maker- Workbook

Facebook Activist to Change Maker

Get the most impact of your social media presence.