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Apoyando a las bases
organizadores, candidatos,
y causas.

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Our Book Club is back!

Get yourself organized in 2024 with Saving Democracy by David Pepper.

Starting April 22nd

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We are blown away by your amazing response! THANK YOU!

So more states have been added- Florida, Alabama, and Tennessee.

Boost voter turnout in key states today by texting to register voters!

Join Building Bridges for America Action Fund and our partners Field Team 6 to text unregistered voters in key states.

Reach critical voters in Virginia, North Carolina, Texas and Georgia through Field Team 6's BYOP (Bring Your Own Phone) Text-Banking Program.

You use your own phone and go at your own speed. Sign up once and text all you like in 2024.

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Millions of eligible US voters are away from their home state in election season--living, working or serving all over the world.

All of them can vote in their home state, but they might not unless someone asks.  They need encouragement from a friend or volunteer:  SEND YOUR VOTE HOME!

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Our Purpose

Building Bridges es un grupo de base de voluntarios a nivel nacional que informa e involucra a votantes y organizadores para apoyar campañas y causas basadas en valores progresistas. Somos voluntarios que apoyamos a los voluntarios para que aumenten su poder político dando un paso al frente, hablando, organizando y siendo vistos y escuchados.

Tenemos la intención de ver nuestro trabajo a través de lentes que se den cuenta de la equidad racial, reúnan a las comunidades rurales y urbanas, impulsen una reforma democrática integral y creen un sentido de pertenencia para todos.

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