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 Grassroots support of local elections is the key to strengthen our democracy. Building Bridges to the Local bring our nationwide volunteers to work with progressive local candidates across the country who align with our values. Our volunteers engage voters via postcards, text messaging, and phone banking.

Are you running for office? Or do you support someone who is running? Fill out our candidate nomination form.

A training

Building Bridges offers training curriculums every month. Also, if you have a group we can work with you to conduct direct trainings. Contact us and let us know about your group and training needs.

our purpose

Building Bridges is a nationwide all-volunteer grassroots group that informs and engages voters and organizers to support campaigns and causes based in progressive values. We are volunteers supporting volunteers to grow their political power by stepping up, speaking up, organizing, and being seen and heard.

We are intentional of viewing our work through lenses that realize racial equity, bring together rural and urban communities, push for comprehensive democratic reform, and create a sense of belonging for everyone.

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Born from volunteer leads for Pete Buttigieg's 2020 campaign, we conduct our actions by the Rules of the Road.

Respect  Belonging  Truth  Teamwork  Boldness  Responsibility  Substance  Discipline  Excellence  Joy

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We are all volunteers and nationwide. Join one of our teams to help others be politically informed and engaged.

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