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Supporting progressive grassroots organizers.

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We are blown away by your amazing response! THANK YOU!

So more states have been added- Florida, Alabama, and Tennessee.

Boost voter turnout in key states today by texting to register voters!

Join Building Bridges for America Action Fund and our partners Field Team 6 to text unregistered voters in key states.

Reach critical voters in Virginia, North Carolina, Texas and Georgia through Field Team 6's BYOP (Bring Your Own Phone) Text-Banking Program.

You use your own phone and go at your own speed. Sign up once and text all you like in 2024.


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Millions of eligible US voters are away from their home state in election season--living, working or serving all over the world.

All of them can vote in their home state, but they might not unless someone asks.  They need encouragement from a friend or volunteer:  SEND YOUR VOTE HOME!

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Our Purpose

Building Bridges is a nationwide all-volunteer grassroots group that informs and engages voters and organizers to support campaigns and causes based in progressive values. We are volunteers supporting volunteers to grow their political power by stepping up, speaking up, organizing and being seen and heard.

We are intentional in viewing our work through lenses that realize racial equity, bring together rural and urban communities, push for comprehensive democratic reform and create a sense of belonging for everyone.

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