Send Postcards to Voters & Talk with People You Know

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Millions of eligible US voters live, work or serve away from their home state.


American citizens can vote in their home state no matter where they are.

  • A college student in a study-abroad program in Canada

  • An Air Force enlistee serving in Alaska

  • A retired couple in Costa Rica

  • A foreign service officer in Germany

Voters like these can vote in their home state, but they need encouragement.  They may not vote unless a friend or volunteer reminds them:  SEND YOUR VOTE HOME!

Here's how you can reach them!

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Need HelP getting started?

Come to our weekly live session.
part 1
Before you reach out to strangers, think-
Who do you know who votes away from home?

Step-by-Step Guide

Start Making Your List

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part 2
write postcards to VOTERS away from home