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Tools to build your team

All-In-One Campaign Tool

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Cost: $80/mo

One tool for all your voter contact. Universe is built for small campaigns to give them all the powerful tools at the lowest price so Democrats can win where it counts- at home.

Voter Outreach

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Cost: varies by state

The Democratic Party is each state manages voter files and allows candidates to get access to those files. VADems offer good guides and training for using VAN and VoteBuilder.

Events Management


Cost: FREE

Provide an easy way to organize your events and manage your attendees. And use the nationwide network of volunteers looking for ways to take action. This tool is well known by volunteers.

Host online meetings


Get a zoom account to host online meetings. This widely used tool lets you take control of your meetings, enable live transcription, and go live on Facebook and YouTube.

Cost: FREE or $150/yr

Team Communication Hub


Cost: FREE

A fast and free communication platform that allows easy management of your teams and team members to coordinate on projects and share files.

A familiar tool used by Biden, other campaigns, and many organizations.

Create graphics and videos


The go-to online tool for creating professional digital content. Use templates and your own content and branding to easily create a high-quality look. You get a lot for free but a paid account is helpful if you produce a lot of social media.

Use a Union Printshop


Hotcards is a union print shop in Ohio who specializes is printing political material. Get the literature you need while supporting a unionified labor force with the union bug to prove it.

Other helpful tools


Cost: Premium $264/year

Make a professional website for your group. With templates and easy to design pages for quick maintenance.

Organizing examples
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Form a steering committee and create sections for each person to lead. 

  • Communications


  • Membership


  • Voter Engagement


  • Special Events


  • Training


  • Discussion Series


  • Volunteers


  • Outreach

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Create a list of your team's core values that define your group and your conduct. State these values at every meeting and event so your team members and volunteers understand what is expected of them.

Organizing resources


Use this profile template to research the information needed to organize in your district.

Know the election results in your district. Use your state's secretary of state office or your county recorder or Democratic party to get the free public information.

Use this map of the 2020 election results to see how your community voted.

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Screen Shot 2022-02-01 at 1.38.26 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-02-01 at 1.39.08 AM.png



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Grab 'n Go Guides

Click for view or print

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Screen Shot 2022-02-03 at 5.45.06 PM.png


From the National Democratic Training Committee

Get ready to bring on volunteers by listing the volunteer roles and the jobs they are expected to perform.

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