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GrassrootS Organizing for change

What is grassroots


What s Grassroot Organizing?


Grassroot organizing supports support a candidate or an issue through organizing supporters into action.  The group works alongside the campaign or organization taking cues from them. Actions can include, hosting events, recruiting volunteers, information sharing, and coming up with creative ways to the support the campaign.

Who is a



Who is a Grassroot Organizer?


Have you ever reached out to a friend, co-worker, or family member and talked about an upcoming event, an important issue that impacts you and your community, or hosted an event?  Then you are organizer.  If there is an issue or a candidate you are passionate about then you can invite people to organize with you.

what is the role of a grassroots organization?

What is the Role of a Grassroot Organization in a Campaign?


Grassroot programs are separate from campaign committees.  This separation can allow these grassroot programs to be flexible and quick to respond.  But many grassroot programs want to support a campaign.  This module addresses the questions that a grassroots program should answer in deciding whether and how to support a campaign.

  1. Identify the leadership of the campaign and a contact. Discuss with that contact how the campaign is structured -- who makes decisions and how are decisions made about policy, message, fundraising, outreach

  2. Agree on the best ways and means of communication between the campaign and the program

  3. Agree on ways of support for the campaign -- VPB, canvassing, messaging

  4. Throughout the course of the campaign, continue to fine-tune your understanding of leadership, etc. -- both formal and informal

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