We have Days of Action where we meet in a Zoom room and depending on the host, have a dance party, watch a movie, play trivia or just chat while we write postcards or text.  Why do we write postcards? Studies have shown that voters that receive a personalized letter or postcard have a higher voting rate than those that are not contacted in this manner. Our reaching out as fellow voters make people feel valued and seen.

Who do we write postcards to or text?

  1. Building Bridges focuses on districts that have margins that if voter move a percentage or so, the progressive candidate will win. We also look for races that till the soil and build new sustained engagement to make it easier for a progressive candidate or policy to win next time.

  2. We focus on a local candidate for 2 weeks, we support them with postcards and text banking as the campaign requests.

Postcard Order Form - Order your package of postcards here and get started!  


Click here to see a calendar of events:

  • Tuesday:  Movie & Postcards! 8-10 pm.  Join us for a fun movie or maybe a documentary that gets us talking!

  • Friday:  Dance Party! Dance party music and Letters to Voters to GOTV in battleground Senate races.

  • Saturday:  Morning Hangout 10-12 pm.  Chat and write postcards for our local candidate or Voters Abroad or bring your own writing campaign packet

  • Sunday:  Day of Action 1-3 pm est.  Play trivia, write postcards or textbank (as needed)

  • Building Bridges Office Hours 10 am-2 pm.  Did you have a question about your packet? Did you finish your packet and want another? Did you just want to talk about politics or practice talking to a voter? The host/admin will be happy to help you out.

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