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Take action to win downballot today
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Write postcards for local candidates
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Our Days of Action are a fun way to be engaged in voter outreach.
Meet candidates, fellow supporters, and new friends! We meet virtually by Zoom and depending on the day, have a dance party, watch a movie, play trivia or just chat while we write postcards or letters. Sign up and join us!

Who are we writing postcards for?

Building Bridges focuses on candidates in districts with small voting margins, if we can move votes by a percentage or so, the progressive candidate will win. We also look for races that till the soil and build new sustained engagement to make it easier for a progressive candidate or policy to win next time.


We focus on a local candidate for 2 weeks, supporting them with postcards and letter writing and sometimes other activities, as the campaign requests.

How does it work?

1. Building Bridges will provide you with a packet of addresses. Order your address packet on the form here or at this link:


2. You provide, postcards or stationery and stamps, as well as your creativity and passion.


3. Come to one of our online Call to Action events and meet like-minded volunteers. And meet the candidates at our online meet and greets. You can also fill out the postcards at your own event or on your own.


4. Mail the postcards as soon as you are done. The sooner a voter receives a card the more likely they are to vote.


Studies have shown that voters who receive a personalized letter or postcard have a higher voting rate than those that are not contacted in this manner. Reaching out as fellow voters makes people feel valued and seen, engaging them to vote for our candidate or cause.

Why Postcards?
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