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Empower Yourself & your volunteers

Unlock Your Political Power Insta.png

Relational organizing

Unlock Your Political Power is the foundational session is for candidates, volunteers, and supporters. Reimagine how to talk about progressive politics and empower yourself to organize the people you know into action.

Org for Change_ Conversations.png

talk with voters

Make an authentic connection with voters that will last with Conversations that Break Through. This session brings the foundations of relational organizing to voter engagement leading to more effective and meaningful conversations.

Org for Change_ Making the Hard Ask.png

empower by asking

Take the authentic connection with the voter and empower them to volunteer and donate. Build your confidence to ask for their time or their donation and build lasting relationships.

Coming soon
Pop the Disinformation Bubble Insta.png

stop the lies

Take control of the information you receive and share. This session provides media literacy skills and an understanding of how disinformation is created and believed so you can counter disinformation with empathy.


Grab 'n Go workbooks and guides

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