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Candidate's Training Resources

Help yourself and your volunteers

We know what it is like to work and have a family while building a campaign from scratch. We have been there. And we took notes. Now we are driven to make it easier for others.

Build your campaign and your confidence with our packages of courses, workbooks, and grab 'n go materials.

We believe public service should be accessible. We provide all our resources for free. The courses are one-hour evening courses. They also have workbooks that get you right into action on your own time. And the training packages can be given to your volunteers and supporters to empower and grow your whole team.

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Training resources

Empower yourself, your team, and your supporters with these courses and workbooks that build trust and confidence.

Start and organize your group and train up your team with sessions and workbooks that get you right into action.

Ensure that you and your team know how government works to strategize your actions to make real change.

Request a training session

Schedule us to give a training to your group.

We can join your online meeting to conduct one of our training sessions or offer advice.

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navigate other training sources

There is excellent training through the National Democratic Training Committee and Arena focused on staff and career professionals and one-cycle goals. As volunteers, we aim to supplement those sources and train volunteers to organize and build relationships with voters for long-term goals. Check out NDTC and Arena to find other resources.

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NDTC offers free classes for Democratic candidates, campaign staff, and local leaders.

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Arena offers a toolbox of free resources. And the Arena Academy is the premier 5-day training in various tracks for campaign professionals, with scholarships to help cover the $300 registration fee.

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